A Message From Our Founder

Posted on December 10, 2013

For our opening day, we wanted to make a promo video for the history books. Opening an epic clinic begs an equally epic announcement, yes? Hopes were high: we could make history like the iconic 1984 Apple ad, we could amass millions of YouTube watches like the Dollar Shave Club’s clever, single-shot and single-cut video. We could be famous!

“Production studio, actors, film crew, let’s line ’em up!” we shouted.

Then we reviewed our marketing budget. Turns out we had none. We had gone and focused all our resources on building an amazing space and providing world-class care for our patients…and there wasn’t anything left in the piggy bank for shameless self-promotion.

So we made the best of what we had: a D-list celebrity doctor, a low-to-medium quality camera, a ratty Mac laptop, two severely entitled millennials, and our beautiful nearly-finished clinic space itself.

Here’s what we came up with…let us know what you think!

  • I use a yoga ball for a desk chair. Do you make house calls? To Richmond VA? ‘Cause I just fell off it laughing. GREAT job =)

  • Alex23Audi

    I am a Cardiac Nurse Clinician. I am in. I live in Quebec and it sucks waiting for 12 hrs for a broken ankle after a soccer game after my 12 hr night shift knowing I have broken my medial malleolus. But atleast the care was free except the airboot. SO! I am in for changing it alllll over for a change in every domain from Primary to tertiary and everything after…

  • David C Williams

    Great video Zubin (as usual)…look forward to having Turntable Health in the Las Vegas community.

  • Derek P. Wimmer

    Another awesome and creative video.

  • Alli Shea

    Haha – hard to make healthcare sound interesting and exciting but ya’ll done it! Excited to hear what’s next.

  • Peter Poullos

    Love it! Vengeance!

  • Kristina Singh

    So cool. I’m hoping to go back to school for an MHA in the fall. I hope to be a part of the revolution soon!

  • Alexandre West

    I’m a med student and am so happy to see what you guys are doing!! Makes me feel better about a choice which I’m now realizing should make me question my sanity. Before taking the plunge I was a yoga instructor and it’s so nice to see integrative care focused on wellness (something I have yet to see here in New York). Very inspirational.

  • desertprincess

    Wonderful unique concept. I am excited to have you here. Now expand to Henderson!! Welcome.


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