Turntable Health is a membership-based primary care and wellness ecosystem in Las Vegas. We’ve rejected all the nonsense that gets in the way of good care, and kept everything that great care was always meant to be.

So instead of bureaucracy, you get approachability. Doctors available 24/7 by phone or email. The option to video chat if you don’t feel like coming in. No waiting, and no clock watching during appointments.

Instead of just sickness, we also focus on wellness. You get a health coach that works with our doctors and nurses to help you reach your goals. You can take a yoga class in our studio room. Learn a recipe in our demonstration kitchen. And get a friendly follow-up from us after you walk out the door.

Membership costs about the same as your neighborhood gym (and we won’t make you towel off any of the equipment after you use it). And if you sign up for one of the Nevada Health CO-OP Neighborhood Plans or your employer partners with us your membership is covered.

It is possible to do healthcare better. We know, because we are. And apparently, we don’t even mind sounding like Yoda when we say it.


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