What is Turntable Health?

We’re a membership-based wellness ecosystem that focuses on everything that makes you healthy, from primary care to nutrition to wellness classes and more. It’s what happens when you scrap everything bad about traditional healthcare and then ask: ”How can we do this so right it makes people say “wow”?”

What does membership include?

You get a doctor who focuses on the most important person in the room: you. You get a Health Coach who helps you set goals and reach them. You get access to your doctor through email, video chat, phone or by walking in. You get classes that show you how to cook healthy, how to rock the perfect downward dog, or how to get the upper hand on a chronic illness. And you get a team who’s always behind you, even if you need to see a specialist outside of Turntable Health.

What services are included with Turntable Health membership?

All our docs are board certified in family medicine or internal medicine, and they’ve got tons of primary care experience. Here’s a short list of what we offer (that’s actually a pretty long list):


  • Preventative exams and screening tests, including routine women’s health exams
  • Management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or depression
  • Care when you are sick, including same-day/next-day appointments and 24/7 telephone access to doctors
  • Simple sutures, splinting, abscess drainage, wound care
  • Simple on-site lab tests, including:
  • Fingerstick blood sugar test
  • Hemoglobin A1c (3 month blood sugar test)
  • PT/INR (Anticoagulation management)
  • Pregnancy test
  • Test for strep throat
  • Discounted laboratory and x-ray services (imaging is off-site)
  • Group classes and visits covering topics such as nutrition, pain management, yoga, and insomnia
  • Appropriate medication prescriptions and education to help you understand the medicines you already take
  • Vaccinations you need (administration is free on-site, but the actual vaccine cost will be reimbursed by you or your insurance)
  • Blood draws on-site as needed (most are sent to a lab with costs reimbursed by you or your insurance)
  • Support for you after hours, on weekends, or if you are in the hospital
  • Guidance and referrals to the best specialists if you need one
  • Urgent care to help you stay out of the emergency room and those other urgent care facilities (you’ve been there, and we know you don’t want to go back)
  • Collaboration with outside specialists and hospitals to ensure your care is well coordinated

How can you charge so little? Is this really a sustainable business model?

No one is more relieved to find out this was a sustainable business model than we were. How? Well, if you can imagine the slow, bureaucratic, everything-in-triplicate nature of traditional insurance, you can see how cutting that out saves money. Without this burden, your fees go right to the costs of great care.


We also run lean. Our people are more Mazda than Maserati. Everyone at Turntable Health is part of the team because we believe in what we’re doing and we’re great at what we do, not because we’re trying to accumulate Gatsby-esque levels of income (you know what happened to him, anyway).


Plus, when you think about it, healthcare doesn’t have to cost as much as we all think it does. It’s not about spending more money. It’s about spending it better.


Why do you charge so much? I only want to see my doctor every few months.

A membership to Turntable Health is more than just seeing your doctor. It’s complete wellness through classes, coaching and more. You’ll be spending time with us when you’re well, not just when you’re sick. And so for the price of a gym membership you get a relationship with a collection of health collaborators who are stewards of your care, not just a guy in a white coat who writes you a prescription for the same antibiotics every year when you get your annual sinus infection.


Email, phone, video chat, in-person visits…your membership gives you something vitally important: access, when and where you need it.

What does a Health Coach do?

Picture a guy with polyester shorts and a whistle, yelling at you about climbing a rope. It’s pretty much that level of motivation, only delivered by nicer people who happen to dress better, too. Your Health Coach helps you set health-related goals, and then works with you to achieve them. It’s pretty wide open, too. Our Coaches work with you on things like weight loss, exercise, overcoming workplace anxiety, managing your blood pressure, and any other health challenge you want to totally trounce and leave behind you as you dash forward in a headlong rush of wellness. They’ll also be your advocate and coordinator if you have more complex issues that require specialists outside of Turntable Health.

Who the heck is Iora Health?

No, it’s not a company founded by Winnie the Pooh’s buzzkill buddy the depressed blue donkey. They’re actually our operating partners in our clinics. Like us, they’re an amazing collection of dedicated professionals who came up with a breakthrough approach to primary care. Get to know them here. Oh, and major props if you can say “Iora” five times fast.


Yes, we know you’re trying it right now.


So, are you going to build more locations?

In a word, yes. We’d like to build enough locations so that just about anyone can walk or bike to a Turntable Health. That way getting here is just as good for you as the stuff you find once you’re arrived.

What if I need a specialist?

Hey, just because you need something beyond primary care doesn’t mean we’re going to throw you out there on your own. We’ll be adding specialists on-site soon, but for now we’ve got a trusted network of outside specialists we work with, and they know our different way of doing things. That means they’ll communicate with us, so the collaborative approach stays intact. Remember, though, since we’re not an insurance plan, you or your insurance are still responsible for payment for outside specialists’ services.


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