Are you an insurance company?

Nope. Nor do we bill traditional insurance. We’re something designed to actually save you money (rather than representing a big fat line item on your books): a membership-based primary care practice that focuses on preventing illness, coordinating specialty care, and preventing costly ER and urgent care visits. Simply put, we’re here to lower your healthcare costs by focusing on prevention, access, and care coordination.

Does Turntable Health work with HRA/HSAs?

Your tax professional can help you out with direct primary care fees and HRA/HSAs.

Does Turntable Health satisfy Obamacare health insurance mandates?

We’re not an insurance company, so the answer is “not by ourselves.” We do work well when partnered with an affordable insurance plan.

Can businesses or larger employers sign up directly?

You bet. Call us at 1-702-479-1474 and we’ll tell you how. And you can email if you’d rather (see the contact section at the bottom of this page).


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